Why Rich Mavoko dumped Diamond and his WCB label


Rich Mavoko
Rich Mavoko (centre) and Diamond Platinumz(right) at a past event.

Tanzania crooner Rich Mavoko has no apologies for walking out of Diamond Platnumz’s Wasafi Classic Baby Records.

The singers was quoted as saying that he owes no one any apology for dumping WCB,owned by Tanzania’s biggest showbiz star Diamond, because he saw no future for himself at the stable.

“When I got there, I never found anyone that was successful than the one that is the owner of the label. What am I apologising for? What wrong did I do? I have no problem with anyone at WCB,” he told Dosen Selection this week.

Interestingly, Rich Mavoko has hinted that it is only Diamond who is reaping the fruits at WCB.

Rich Mavoko  explained that he cancelled his contract with Diamond following some disagreements.

“My contract never ended, though there are things that went contrary to what I wanted. I stayed for a long time with songs that I never got a chance to release.

“There is a time my mum even called them to ask about my songs. I didn’t see a future with them anymore,” he concluded.

In 2018, another Tanzanian hit maker Harmonize revealed the intricacies of being in Diamond Platnum’z record label – Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB). Talking on Planet FM, the ‘DM Chick’ singer revealed that the pressure is real because every artist wants to outdo each other.

Harmonize explained that everyone in WCB has talent and are just as equally capable and the fight to be the top was brutal. He later quit the label.

Diamond’s personal photographer Kifesi announced in 2018 that he had quit working for Diamond Platnumz and his WCB stable to follow his dream life of being self-employed.


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