Why P-Unit are unhappy with KCB Bank’s latest campaign


Weka Weka

Kenyan rap group P-Unit are unhappy with giant KCB Bank latest campaign seeking to boost M-Pesa savings that uses the phrase “Weka Weka”.

The group is accusing the bank of copyright infringement as they claim that the phrases is plucked out of their hit song Weka Weka off their album Wagenge Hao Tena.

P-Unit group, comprising Frasha, Gabu and Bon’Eyea, launched their music in 2005 when they dropped Si Lazima featuring Nonini. The group later broke up and the three chose to focus on their fledging solo music careers.

Nairobi News reports that the group has already taken the bank to the court and their lawyers are handling the matter. P-Unit want KCB to be barred from using the phrase in their campaign. They claim to be the legal owners of the phrase and accuse KCB of using it without their consent.

“Yes we have taken them to court and our lawyers are handling it,” said the member, adding that he does not speak for the group,” Nairobi News reported.

KCB has been raising awareness about their savings platform on M-Pesa by using the tagline ‘weka weka’. Weka is a Swahili word which can be directly translated to put or in the case of banking deposit.

KCB are using the phrase to encourage Kenyans to keep depositing their money into the savings account. The bank has splashed millions in advertising campaigns on print, digital and broadcast media.

The crew released the album Wagenge Hao in 2010, recorded at Decimal Media by lead singer/composer “Pradip The BOSS”. The album had 17 tracks, most notably “Kare” (stylized “KArE”), “Deepak”, “Nikesh” sable “Sandeep” with DNA, “Patra”, “Basu”, and “Prabhakar”, with the last two featuring Nonini.

At the 2007 Kisima Music Awards P-Unit won the Boomba Group category.

They released the song “Gentleman” with Sauti Sol in late 2011, produced by R-Kay.

In 2012 they released the hit “You guy (Dat Dendai)”, produced by Decimal’s “Erik Musyoka” and featuring Collo. The video was released later and was reportedly banned by Citizen TV for being too explicit.

They released the single “Mobimba” in March 2013 which featured Alicios Theluji.

They have since released a number of other singles, including “Love”, a kwaito-inspired song, in 2014, whose video was shot in South Africa and was released on Valentine’s Day. The single “Weka Weka” which introduced a new concept of music distribution by fans paying KES. 20 to download and listen to the song before the mainstream release.

A rumored breakup of the group was confirmed to be false in 2015. However, the individuals within the group are doing solo projects, with Frasha releasing a number of singles.

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