Why Betty Kyalo regrets getting married to Dennis Okari


Betty Kyalo
Dennis Okari, Betty Kyalo

Television celebrity Betty Kyallo regrets getting married at a young age.

The K24 News anchor in October 2015 married another television star Dennis Okari in a glitzy event that was the talk of the town for weeks, following it up with a well-documented honeymoon whirlwind.

The marriage would spectacular fall apart months later amid cheating accusations.

The controversial and sassy presenter now says that she should not have decided to settle down at that young age.

I think it(biggest mistake) was getting married a bit young because I was 26. This is for me, Betty. At 26, I don’t think I had really seen my full potential or like I hadn’t lived life… I hadn’t seen or explored life by myself and I think that’s it. There’s no issue with that, it happened but it’s not something that was a mistake as such. It was just something that you know if I was to re-do that part of my life, probably I would have waited a bit,” Betty responded to a fan on social media.

The mother of one added that she is now mature and understands herself better. She also noted that there is nothing wrong with getting married at 26.

Maybe right now, or 2 years from now it doesn’t matter when I’ll feel ready. I should have chilled nilikuwa na mbio but this is for me, if you want to get married at 26, just do you. For me I think now I’m more mature, more in touch with myself, I know who I am it makes it easy for me to let in somebody because najielewa,” she said.

This comes days after the former KTN news anchor revealed that she is warming up to the idea of getting married again.

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