Where is Larry Madowo? Celebrated Kenyan journalist goes mute online


Larry Madowo

Celebrated Kenyan journalist Larry Madowo has gone missing online since taking a break from his job to study business and economics at the prestigious Columbia University in New York City, United States.

Madowo a popular news reporter, show host and the editor took a sabbatical from his job at BBC Africa as Business Editor in September and joined the American University for further studies. He has since gone quiet on social media since then.

The former The Trend host on NTV had a very lively and active social media presence updating posts daily. He will keep his millions of followers updated on his meetings, travel and sometimes personal life. Madowowas a much-travelled man popping up in Paris and a day later he will be in London having coffee. He would then post a picture a day later while back in Kenya only for him to pop up in Cape Town hours later.

Personal life

His robust social media presence often led his followers asking questions about his personal life. Some suggested that if he got a wife perhaps he will settle down in one city. Others thought his frequent journey in Europe was perhaps going to meet his secret lover.

The popular presenter joined BBC in April 2018 from NTV after a rumoured fallout with his bosses. his presence at BBC Africa seemed to open doors formoreKenyanjournalist as he led almost a dozen other journalists in joining the global broadcaster.

His colleagues at BBC Africa organised a huge sendoff party for him as he left for the US. They had shared a cake with children from a children’s shelter on Ngong Road.

School website

He is one of the beneficiaries of the 44th Knight-Bagehot Fellowship in Business and Economics at the Columbia Journalism School. The fellows come from top media publications and their work has been published in Bloomberg, MarketWatch, Quartz, Politico, Mother Jones, BBC, Africa Report, The Washington Post, Reuters, and The Journal News in White Plains, reads an announcement on the school’s website.

Hopefully, we will see him back on social media soon… Do you as well miss Larry Madowo? Weka comments hapo chini…

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