Victoria Kimani roasted for ‘disrespecting’ BB Naija


Victoria Kimani

“Kenyan-Nigerian” singer Victoria Kimani has come under serious online attack from Nigerians after she claimed Big Brother Naija kept people ‘dormant, distracted & jobless.’

The singer who oscillates between Lagos and Nairobi tweeted criticisms of  Big Brother Naija reality show together with it’s legion of fans claiming that the show promotes idleness. She said the fans who follow the show should have spent their time “building their businesses instead of watching other people’s lives.”

She wrote: ‘No offense to anyone who watches big brother ….. but imagine if you invested that same amount of time Building your business as you watch other people’s lives …. sometimes I think certain tv shows conspire to keep people dormant, distracted & jobless.’


Meanwhile, this didn’t go down well for some angry Nigerians, who are already on her page blasting her.


Victoria Kimani should be on the same level as Tiwa Savage and Yemi Alade but her biggest mistake all along has been her failure to appease the Kenyan audience. There have been several complaints that she is not ‘Kenyan enough’ and sadly, this is true. No matter how much awesomeness she puts out, no one seems to be impressed.

Victoria Kimani’s biggest blunder is her refusal to market herself locally. She rarely does interviews when she is around. She rarely hangs around or works with local artistes. She rarely performs in Kenya too. She even once admitted that she has never bothered to learn Kiswahili. Why? No one knows.

It would still be okay if Kenyans didn’t care about her and Nigerians did. Sadly, they don’t. They just talk about her sometimes but never give her the full attention. Nigerians see her as a culture vulture who is trying to profit from their style. Just a few days ago, in an effort to gain some more clout in West Africa, she dissed Tiwa Savage and she ended up getting called all sorts of names by Nigerians

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