Twitter rolls out tool to filter spam and abuse in direct messages


Twitter has launched a new filter tool which can hide spam and abusive messages that are sent to users via the platform’s direct messages feature.

The tool adds a new section to the Message Requests area of the inbox, where messages from Twitter users you do not follow appear.

Now, messages in that section which Twitter detects appear to contain either spam or abuse will be initially hidden and can be deleted without being opened.



The social media giant began testing the feature in August but has now confirmed it will roll out to all Twitter users after that trial was deemed a success.

The new feature is aimed at those who choose to keep their direct messages open and can therefore be contacted by people who they are not already connected with.

Last month, Twitter also announced the start of a test in North America which will allow users to hide replies to their tweets, relegating from view any which the original tweeter deems offensive or irrelevant to the conversation.

The changes are part of a long-standing Twitter plan to “improve the health of conversation” on the platform, a pledge made by chief executive Jack Dorsey following repeated criticism of the site over a perceived lack of adequate response or policing of offensive and abusive content on the Twitter.

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