Toshekeni! MCSK tells Kenyan artistes to get used to Sh2,000 pay out!



Music Copyright of Kenya (MCSK) has told Kenyan artistes to expect another Sh2,530 payment as the body finalises the next royalties disbursement.

The MCSK chief executive Milcah Kulati has made it clear that there will be no change in the amount as the feud between artistes and the collection body shows no signs of  ending.

Kulati has however urged musicians to ensure that their songs get good airplay if they want more revenue as the body embarks on a scientific method of tracking airplay and distribution of royalties. Kulati clarified that the Sh2,530, which caused an uproar a month ago, was an equal distribution to all the 14,000 registered members, whether active or inactive.

MCSK has said that from next year there will be no blanket payments but it will depend on how much an artiste has had his songs get airplay.

“The next distribution is going to be scientific and if you are sleeping down there waiting for another Sh2,500, nothing will come your way because payments will be based on your airplay,” Kulati explained.

Kulati also dismissed claims that members of the MCSK board are living large while driving high-end cars and taking trips to exotic destinations with what is presumed to be monies sliced undeservedly from the artistes’ royalties.

“Artistes are making lots of noise because of the old office, the MCSK of 2015, 2016, and 2017. They are yet to see the positive changes the new board has implemented,” said Kulati, who had been an acting CEO until she was confirmed to the position this year.

In August, the organisation came under attack from Kenyan artistes and their fans after it was discovered that they offered Sh2,500 each to the musicians as royalties.

The outcry came after popular musicians Khaligraph Jones and King Kaka posted on their social media pages of their M-Pesa messages which showed they received  Sh2,500  for their hard-earned work.

In a series of tweets which they later pulled down, MCSK said they distributed royalties to all their 13,967 members. “It’s PPP distribution [Performance in Public Places] these are collections from public places for only two months,” MCSK said.

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