Tips on how to throw an affordable Xmas party in corona era



Are you planning to have celebrations this festive season? Are you stressed about the finances or the logistics of holding a ‘normal’ party during these uncertain times?

Most people like throwing parties during the holidays; however, you don’t have to break your back and bust your budget to create a fun and memorable party. Here are a few tips on how to have a budget-friendly holiday party.

  1.  If you are planning to throw a big party with a small budget, there are some decorations you might have to do without, or better yet, try making some DIY decorations. Also, try not to focus too much on the decorations because, let’s be honest, not all your guests will remember how your festive ribbons looked like.
  2. Stock your party with an array of appetizers and easy party snacks. Most of these snacks are affordable and can keep your guests full throughout the day.
  3. Instead of making your party a potluck, prepare the food and ask each guest to bring alcohol. If you choose to buy the drinks, go for the inexpensive ones. There is plenty of good and affordable alcohol. If you have a larger crowd, buy the alcohol in bulk.
  4. Although most people choose to have conversations during parties, there are several other ways you can entertain your guests on a budget. Having a movie night is one way to liven things up. There are plenty of movies to choose from on streaming sites if you don’t have any in your collection. Also, games such as charades, pictionary, and other board games can keep your guests entertained all night.
  5. Having a themed party helps save on cost as you avoid wasting time and resources planning for the perfect party. Since you don’t have to start from scratch, a themed party helps you know in advance what you’ll need, thus sticking to a budget.
  6. Lastly, don’t invite all your family members, friends, and colleagues if money is an issue. A smaller intimate party is always more manageable and budget-friendly. Try and stick to a party of about 15 to 30 people to save on cost.

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