This is why Space Lounge, Kiza, B Club has been closed



A Nairobi court has ordered popular entertainment joints B Club, Kiza, Space Lounge and Explorers Tavern closed after a successful suit by Kilimani residents.

Environment and Land Court Judge Loice Kamingoi directed Nairobi City government to revoke the permits issued to the popular night clubs after Kilimani residents sued them for ‘violating their right to a clean and healthy environment.’

Kilimani residents accused the clubs of playing loud music hence denying them sleep. The residents also roped in rowdy revellers who, aside from the noise, allegedly exposed children in the area to indecent acts.

“Some of other negative effects from the said establishments release noise, littering by patrons, obstruction of motor vehicles by patrons, exposure to immoral and indecent behaviour by the patrons inside their vehicles, property prices being driven down as a result of all those activities and loss of income by some residents,” the submission read in part.

Justice Kamingoi ruled that the permits issued by the county government to the clubs were unlawful.

“A mandatory injunction is hereby issued against the 8th respondent (Nairobi County) compelling it to revoke all liquor licenses issued to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th respondents.”

However, the judge suspended the execution of the judgment for 30 days, stating that “I decline to grant the order of permanent injunction to restrain the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th respondents from carrying on their business as they already have the necessary licenses duly issued…

“They are operating the businesses due to the licenses issued (albeit unlawfully).”

In 2017,  a group of online users staged an attack against Club Space Lounge to its near closure, before turning their smoking guns to Kiza Lounge.

After making damning online allegations against the proprietor last week and prompting the police to institute investigations on what is seemingly a well-crafted move with possible personal motives.

Kiza, besides being the entertainment hub where you would find the prominent politicians’ children and other members from the ruling class, the joint has been a magnet for international celebrities who frequent there.

It has an international kind of setting and ambience and mostly, patrons receive bottle services similar to those offered by the world’s best international party joints.

The investment in the club is in terms of hundreds of millions with the lighting and sound systems valued at Sh800 million

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