Sincerely Daisy: What you need to know about this Kenyan movie on Netflix


Sincerely Daisy

Nick Mutuma’s Sincerely Daisy will be the third Kenyan movie to appear on streaming site Netflix when it premieres later this week. 

The other movies that have been screened on the on-demand sites are Disconnect and Poacher.

Sincerely Daisy, created and produced by Nick Mutuma, is an urban story about family, young love, timeless friendships and the reality of tough economic times.

The story revolves around a young girl called Daisy (acted by Ella Maina), who, having excelled in her final year of high school is looking up to a promising future; she is ready to bloom and reach for the stars. Her future is bright. However, things begin to take a turn for the worse when she realises that her family may not have the money she needs to make her dream of studying overseas a reality.

This fact, coupled with life’s challenges, sets Daisy off on a downward spiral of unfortunate events that test her relationship with her family, boyfriend and friends. The movie’s story-line has captured the attention of subscription streaming channel Netflix, where the film will premier today. Poacher premiered on the same platform seven days ago, while Disconnect was the first Kenyan movie to grace the platform.

Francis Faiz (Chalo Mistari) and Foi Wambui (Lisa) are also part of the lead cast.

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