SAVAGE! Bongo rap star attacks Joho, Anerlisa in new song


Nay Wa Mitego

Bongo superstar Nay Wa Mitego has savagely attacked Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho and Kerocher heiress and socialite Anerlisa Muigai in a new diss track titled Ipo Sawa.

In the track released a week ago, the controversial rapper attacks several Bongo Flava musicians who have fallen by the wayside for various reasons. He goes ham on Konki, the celebrated Tanzanian drunkard, Aslay among others.

Nay Wa Mitego claims that Omni Dimpoz no longer drops chart-topping hits since he was lavished with gifts by the Mombasa county chief. It is rumoured that Joho gifted the singer a car and a house which derailed his music career. His close relationship with the governor has had the grapevine whirling with wild rumours.

It is claimed that the car used by Joho to entice Dimpoz toMonbasa has also been used to lure socialite Huddah Munroe to the seaside city.

“…001 boss toka Kenya gari ulilompa Dimpoz bro si ndio lile ulilomhonga Huddah…”

Nay goes after RnB singer Ben Pol who is currently engaged to Anerlisa. Anerlisa is the daughter to Keroche Industries millionaire founder Tabitha Karanja. Nay claims that Ben Pol is a pale shadow of his former self since moving to Nairobi. The singer is derided as a lady in the relationship as he stopped making music instead he focuses on social media postings with his girlfriend.

“…Ganda la ndizi kalifuata Ben Pol kasahau muziki kaolewa 254, zimebaki mbwembwe tu kikweli mwana ameyumba”

Others that get the stick from Nay are Dogo Janja who’s gone under since his marriage to Bongo Flava actress Irene Uwoya collapsed. Grapevine has it that Dogo Janja is currently in Nairobi living off a sugar mummy. A number of Bongo artistes have ended upin Kenya living with sugar mummies.

What do you think of this diss track? Weka comments hapo chini…

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