REVEALED: How Lamu senator was clobbered over Saumu, Sonko’s daughter



It was the 2018/2019 UEFA Champions League finals night when Saumu, Nairobi Governor Sonko’s popular daughter, made plans to meet up with Lamu County senator Anwar Loitiptip.

Saumu was at her Garden Estate home while coincidentally Anwar was also Garden Estate.The pair agreed to meet up at Memphis Club in Roysambu, a popular night spot frequented by USIU students.

Three hours after the match ended the pair,believed to be inlovwe, were attacked by a gang,not once but twice. The senator was almost killed on the gang’s second attempt.

The question everyone is asking is who was the gang targeting? Saumu or Anwar? With the two believed to be in love, police now believe the attackers trailed them before the drama broke out.

Reports indicate that the youthful politician sustained deep head cuts in the June 1 attack. He was later rushed to Aga Khan Hospital in Parklands where he has been getting treatment.

Torn blouse

Police sources indicate that Saumu said in her statement to investigators that she was first attacked as she made her way to the washroom. Her blouse was torn by a man who confronted her in the dimly corridors.

As she screamnt for help another person threw a rock at her. The commotion attracted some attention and her assailant dashed into a room opposite the ladies wash room.  Anwar meanwhile had been alerted and was already at the scene.


Anwar confronted the assailant who came out of the cubicle and pleaded for forgiveness. He was let off and disappeared into the chilly Roysambu night.

After half an hour later, the pair walked into the parking lot but they were once again confronted by a gang of about nine men including the washroom attacker.

The gang pounced on Anwar beating him with clubs and other crude weapons and Saumu sustained injuries as she tried to defend her man.

The gang escaped once again  leaving a bleeding Anwar on the ground. Saumu’s sister and cousin rushed the injured politician to hospital. One person has since been arrested and eight others are still on the run.

The owners of the club, however, say they had nothing to do with the incident. They argue the incident happened at the toilets and car park, which are far away from the club.

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