PHOTOS: Lupita Nyongo’s dress-wearing brother Junior Nyong’o is engaged!


Junior Nyong'o

Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyong’o’s son Junior Nyong’o has finally gotten engaged to his longtime girlfriend, singer Wanja Wahoro.

Junior shocked many when he on Saturday announced the engagement to his girlfriend at an exclusive event attended by close friends and family.

Musician Karen Lucas(Kaz) was the one who posted pictures of the two love birds on her Insta stories. She was among the lucky few that got the exclusive invite to the event.


Chocha! understands that the two have been dating for close to five years now. A source also intimated that a traditional wedding ceremony also known as ruracio is on the way as the two families formally meet and bless the union.

Cross dressing

Unsurprisingly, Junior Nyong’o once again hosted the event in his trademark feminine clothing. He was clad in a Mexican sombrero hat, a white shirt and flowing kitenge skirt. The Nyong’o family has close ties to Mexico, a country that gave Anyang asylum at the height of Moi Administration crackdown on political dissidents.

Junior Nyong'o

Junior has been known for dressing in long flowing dresses, applying makeup, earrings, blouses and feminine sartorial objects. This has led to whispers around his sexuality, with others concluding that he’s just a curious crossdresser.

Junior Nyong'o

On October 28 this year, Wanja Wahoro posted a photo on her Instagram page displaying what looked like an engagement ring. The photo elicited excitement in the blogosphere as speculations around the significance of the photo.

Eternally booming

The photo had a poetic and cryptic caption:

“Home is with people. I never knew I could get so lucky to find another home in another human outside of the small family I know. It’s a gift. A gift you work at. Work for. Work with. Work through. Junior is one of the brightest beams of light ever to cast their shimmer on this earth. Bright, strong, beautiful, bold, brilliant and eternally blooming,” posted Wahoro on October 14.

Junior Nyong'o Wanja Wahoro

That is not all. When Nyong’o Junior posed for a photo with multiple Grammy Award winner Beyonce in 2015, Wanja jokingly commented on the photo that ‘’you are not allowed, I am 10000 doooone” (sic).

Do the math.

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