Nokia adds Digital Wellbeing app on its smartphones


HMD Global has announced that Digital Wellbeing app has been enabled on Nokia smartphones, which run on Android OS.

The wellbeing app enables you to have a balanced experience as too much time on our phones results in increased screen time, which can be harmful to health.

“Nokia smartphone’s Digital Wellbeing app enables you to track your device usage in various ways, from knowing the amount of time you spend on each app, how often you check your phone, plus the number of notifications you tend to look at frequently,” a statement read.

“With the analysis provided you can then set daily limits on how much time you want to spend on each app, know when your screen should go dark or set to block notifications for a particular app for a period you decide.”

The app also comes with parental controls to help keep track of what your young ones consume online. Through the tool, you are able to supervise your child’s phone remotely through a family link app as a parent.

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