NJORO: Hawking was more lucrative than acting in Kenya



Papa Shirandula’s Njoro, real name Kenneth Gichoya, has sensationally claimed that he earned more from hawking sweets than acting. 

The popular comedian made the revelations on Churchill Show where he also stated that he preferred minor roles as to focus on his hawking business.

“I used to do my maths well. I was paid 300 bob per day, but I knew if I sell sweets, I would earn Sh3,000 per day. I was way ahead. I did not want to act but always wanted to remain backstage to do my business,” he said.

“Like a role that didn’t need much of my time. After finishing the short role, I would go and hawk my sweets,” he said.

“The good thing is that even when I was selling sweets, the funny character in me always came out, and I was still the funny guy to the school girls and boys. They would miss yule ‘jamaa wa sweet’.”

Njoro was referring to the early acting days when he would star in set books plays at the Kenya National Theatre alongside Jalango, the late Papa Shirandula and many others.

“I would buy a packet of sweets at Sh75 and it would give me a profit of Sh250. So, I just needed to leave my house with a hundred bob. I would run to Kirinyaga Road and get one packet and by the end of the day, I would end up selling like 10 packets.”

“That is how I managed to buy my secondborn child diapers and all the mother needed.”

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