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Music streaming is fast-gaining ground in Kenya with music lovers using a number of apps to enjoy their favourite hits. Most of these apps have Kenyan music but there is no app dedicated to Kenyan content.

It is perhaps why Melvin Sagini decided to create Mofity to serve the Kenyan audience with quality content.

We caught up with Sagini and this is what he told us about Mofity app.

  1. What is Mofity?

Mofity Is a go-to place for Kenyan Music, a platform that gives creative artists the opportunity to live off their art where everyone can enjoy an immersive artistic experience that enables us to empathize with each other and to feel part of a greater whole and be inspired by it.

  1. Who created Mofity?

Melvin Sagini is the founder and CEO of Mofity, who teamed up with a team of DJ’s, promoters and artists who wanted to change how we consume Kenyan culture through music.

  1. Why did you create the app?

There is a major shift on how content is consumed today and technology has grown massively, almost 62% of Kenyans have access to smartphones. We are trying to create the convenience for the user accessing their favourite music when they need it, either through their phone or through your computer. Our objective is to ensure that its services result in a win-win situation for the fans as well as the artists. This allows them to feel a sense of belonging to the vision and bigger picture of the company, along with the feeling of being appreciated.

  1. Where does one access the app? Is it on mobile only?

You can access mofity through our web player on, on Google Play Store “Mofity” and on our landing page there’s a link to download the desktop app to your computer.

  1. Is it free?

Downloading the app is absolutely free, there are lots of free music as well but there’s in-app purchase of songs and albums.

  1. How many downloads so far?

This is our MVP, so far we have 100+ downloads and counting, watch out for our next update.

  1. How do you sign up your artistes? Individually or through record labels?

We have an open-door policy, where we give the artist the power to control their music, but if you are signed to a record label, they will run your account on your behalf. Once an artist signs up, they send us a request to become an artist, once we verify, then we accept your request. Once we accept, you will get an upload link on your homepage, you have up to 12MB to upload your music, more than 12 MB you upgrade to pro-package which gives you more space to upload your music from any given location.

  1. How many songs do you have? 

Wow, now we have over 1000 songs, 30 albums and more artists are joining our community. We want to have the biggest library collection for Kenyan Music by 2021.

  1. Any streaming numbers?

Funny enough new artists have a consistent fan base compared to some known acts, but we won’t judge for now since we getting started.

  1. What is the future of Mofity?

We want to give a million creative artists the opportunity to live off their art and millions of fans the opportunity to enjoy African music. In regard, the need to create sustainable livelihoods and providing a critical digital space is for its target audience is acknowledged by the company significantly. Artists have a better chance to access and reach out to their broader fan base more efficiently by utilizing the respective platform of Mofity.

Furthermore, to make sure that the digital content produced by the artists reaches the appropriate audience through its criteria of targeting, hence making it profitable for individuals. As a result, the idea of enabling the artist “to live off their art” is echoed in the mission statement.

Our festive holiday gift to our users and artists is they can earn points as they engage through the platform which they can redeem for cash, gifts or at eateries. We also allow our users to refer other users and be able to earn incentives.

You can download Mofity here:

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