Michelle Ntalami denies dating Makena, claims that she prefers men


Michelle Ntalami
Michelle Ntalami and Makena Njeri

Marini CEO Michelle Ntalami has sent a cryptic message to her followers as she admits that she prefers men despite her alleged relationship with Makena. 

In a lively Q& A with her fans on Instagram, she was asked if she gets hit on by both male and female and what was her preference. Her response was startling.

“Hahaha ? This question cracked me up. Attention from both men and women, yes. What do I prefer? Men. Case closed.”

Michelle Ntalami has been trying to explain that her relationship with Makena is not romantic but “she is just a good friend.

“She is an amazing friend. One of the few genuine people I have come across. Very real, very soulful. She has had my back. As young as she is, she tells people f*** off,” she told Kiss 100.

However, the two have been pampering each other online with sweet romantic messages and have even taken holidays together.

In December, Makena, who’s known for penning love messages to her BFF, shared yet another heartwarming letter, sharing photos of them in Diani.

Makena shared a romantic letter appreciating her BFF for the joy and love she brings to her life.

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