Kenyan actress Ebby Weyime stars as Kenyan President in futuristic film


Ebby Weyime

Kenyan actress Ebby Weyime stars in the new #FormNiGani film as Kenya’s first female president from 2063. The #FormNiGani film captures the arrival of President Imani Tumaini for a historical presidential tour – having traveled back to 2019 via a time portal machine.

At the point of her arrival in Nairobi city, accompanied by a grandeur security detail of 100 female Time Warriors, she is 6 months pregnant.

After having lived in Cape Town for six years, rubbing shoulders and working with Hollywood giants like Sean Penn, Hellen Mirren, Charlize Theron, Javier Bardem and many others, Ebby Weyime relocated back to Kenya in 2017. She has since been working as a professional model, voice artist and actress. She is also the founder of The Grace Cup – Kenya’s first menstrual cup brand.

As President Imani, she arrived with copies of FORM NI GANI newspaper from 2063, that give a glimpse of the future. Residents had key questions for President Imani Tumaini in regards to her visit, the future and who she is. She had a special message of hope to Kenyans in 2019, “The future of Kenya in 2063 is very promising if we make the right choices now and start planning for the future as early as now. I would like to urge you to be mindful of the choices you are making now when planning their future and families.”

The film, officially launched from Pawa 254 18th July 2019 was produced by Lightbox Africa and also features renowned media personality Charlie Karumi as a budding journalist reporting live on the arrival of the president and interviewing the city residents as well as influencer Foi Wambui who captures this moment on her social media page

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