Just what’s wrong with Ringtone Apoko?


Ringtone Apoko

Kenyans have reacted angrily at a post by controversial gospel singer Ringtone Apoko that he has been detained by police prostituting.

In an Instagram post, the flamboyant and flashy singer on Monday claimed that he needed prayers after police arrested him for waving an “I need a wife” placard outside Cooperative University in Karen, Nairobi.

The post did not godown wellwith his followerswhoberated himforusing poorEnglish, seeking cheap publicity and for being a nuisance.

Wife’s qualities 

A few weeks ago Ringtone who was hosted on Upclose with Betty revealed he was looking for a wife in the most unique way.

“Now that Kenyan ladies are ignoring me we are going to go out to the road.  There’s something I have been doing secretly. I’m surprised no one has noticed yet,” he said

In the segment, Ringtone drove to Runda and parked his car on the side, stood in the middle of the road and raised the placard for 30 minutes with his future wife’s qualities.

“If in those 30 minutes a lady sees me and inboxes me we talk, I’m ready,” Ringtone explains.

Fan’s fury

Some fans asked why he was massacring the English language.

While one of the most vicious bloggers in Kenya, Robert Alai was very blunt.

The sarcastic ones…

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