‘It still hurts!’- Why dumped Eddy Kenzo is still crying


Rema Namakula

Ugandan superstar Eddy Kenzo has admitted that life isn’t easy after he was dramatically dumped by his baby mama Rema Namakula in August.

Rema’s decision to walk out on the Sitya Loss singer pushed him to start posting inspirational messages and quotes on social media. He was ridiculed for this and urged to man up and move on.

Earlier last week, he claimed that he has been always a motivational speaker and he didn’t need heart break to start posting the messages. Sources to him have intimated that he’s genuinely hurting and might be depressed as well.

Through his Facebook post, he expressed what he is feeling.

He posted:

“Life isn’t easy, it hurts . it’s difficult. Its tough to imagine the uncertainties. But you know what? The Almighty is planning so much behind the scenes. He will unfold them when time is right. Maybe tomorrow, perhaps another day. Be patient, You’ll emerge stronger.”

In September, a distraught  Kenzo has asked fans to include him in their prayers as he is going through the roughest of times. A few days back, his now ex-lover, Rema unveiled a new mansion where she will be staying with her new hubby, Dr.  Ssebunya.

Eddy Kenzo is embroiled in drama as her ex-lover Rema Namakula is set to wed her new lover Dr Hamza Sebunya, six months after she split with the Sitya Loss singer.

Rema, an accomplished recording artiste as well, has a daughter with Eddy Kenzo, Aamal. Kenzo has another older daughter from a previous relationship.

Eddy Kenzo and Rema separated in April this year after allegedly Kenzo revealed that he was not ready to settle down with her.

Being a Muslim, Kenzo further said that if he is to marry, he will settle with more than one woman.

“I cannot rule it out. If I say no, tomorrow I could get a second or third woman and you will return here to remind me that I said I will never. However, right now I have one and I am okay.”

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