How Copia Kenya solved my shopping headache for my folks


Copia Kenya

For most of Kenyan working class  taking care of their rural folks has always been a challenge if not outright headache.

Yours truly, like thousands of Kenyans, have been using the tried and tested way of just sending cash via Mpesa and hoping that the folks ate home will religiously do the shopping. But for many that cash ends doing something else that was not intended.

A friend suggested that I try a new e-commerce service in the company. I was introduced to Copia Kenya Well it’snot entirely new as it has been around for almost five years but has been under the radar as they build a reliable network of agents and an intricate distribution network.

So what does Copia Kenya do?

From the comfort of my office, I quickly logged onto it’s website and was amazed at the variety of products on offer! From baby products, to school equipment, construction materials and the best thing was their bundled offers.

Earlier in the day I had had a conversation with my mother back in Bungoma and she had subtly, just like any other mother, reminded how her kitchen was dry.

Crazy Prices

I glanced around the Copia Kenya website and quickly filled my cart with essential kitchen and household products. And they had crazy prices! Unga, for chapati and ugali, soap, cooking oil, sugar, salt, spices, tea leaves, coffee and cocoa were on offer at ridiculously affordable prices.

From that section I checked out personal care section. I added body lotion, wipes, toilet tissues, bleach, toothpaste,air refreshners and a few toiletries. There’s a beauty section that has those products that ladies love; human hair, braids, hair food and other products.

A Copia Kenya agent explains the service to a security guard.
Quick checkout

After I was done filling my cart I headed to the check out section where I filled in the receiving section my mother’s details and paid via MPESA. I then specified her location and I was matched with the nearest agent. I sat back contend that despite the distance, I had done enough shopping for my mother and the quality of the products were same as those found in any high end supermarkets in Nairobi.

Less than two days later I received a call from her saying that her consignment had reached Bungoma in good condition and in good time. Impressive!

So how does this work?

Like Amazon, Copia’s app includes everything from rice to motorbikes, to roofing materials and even pencils and pens! Customers shop online, makes payment, provides details of the receiving agent. Copia buys at wholesale prices from local suppliers. Copia Logistics controls every step of delivery. Orders delivered to receiving agent locations in 2-3 days.

Business Daily had this quote on Copia’s model: “Copia’s concept takes away the delivery hassle from product resellers where it has established distribution networks of 3,500 agents across central Kenya with plans afoot to expand their distribution network to western Kenya,” Copia said the statement.

Majority of their agents are in Central Kenya but in September they expanded in western Kenya and now deliver to Kisumu all the way to Bungoma through Mumias and Luanda. Check out the map here.

Last word? They absolutely deliver for free! No additional charges from what you pay for your items…whether you are buying for someone in Kikuyu or Maeni deep in Bungoma!

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