Drama in Gospelville as Ringtone’s baby mama goes for Weezdom



Things are getting murky in the convoluted Kenya gospel music scene as Weezdom engages Ringtone in a dirty fight that threatens to expose the industry’s dark underbelly.

Gospel artist, Weezdom took matters personal with Ringtone who had called out Bahati for slipping into the secular world.

Weezdom, signed under Bahati’s EMB Records, alleged that Ringtone had sired a kid with a woman and later abandoned the baby and mother as he continued to enjoy high life in Nairobi.

The allegations were apparently a retaliation after Ringtone called out Bahati for sliding out of gospel and cavorting with the secular world. Weezdom wrung out Ringtone publicly accusing him of looking for a speck in Bahati’s eye yet he can’t deal with a log in his own eyes.

Weezdom’s allegations did not go down well with the woman identified as Angel Nyambura who reached out to him to seek more. Hwoeer the young singer responded rudely prompting Angel to seek legal action.

She apparently reported the case to Kiamumbi Police Station in Kahawa West under OB No 31/02/03/2020.

She also took a break from social media after the heat became too much. She explained her decision:  “I have gone off social media because I don´t want the limelight and then I see Weezdom sharing my baby on social media. I called him and he was very rude. He told me he had the right to put whatever he likes on Instagram and that he knows big people in the government.”

She also said that how they raise their child is a matter between her and Ringtone and not for public consumption.

“It hurt me because I have a family to protect. It is between me and Alex (Ringtone),” Ms Nyambura articulated


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