Controversial radio presenter Andrew Kibe faces jail over debt


Andrew Kibe

Controversial radio presenter Andrew Kibe faces  jail after he was ordered to pay Ksh500,000, part of Ksh2.5 million, or risk doing jail time.

The Kiss 100 FM breakfast show presenter was on Wednesday arraigned  before Employment and Labour Relations Court judge Onesmus. It is alleged that he owes his friend, Joshua Weru, Sh2.5 million which has accrued significant interest over the years.

According to the charge sheet, , Kibe is said to have asked Weru Sh215,000 under the agreement that Kibe would refund him the money after 18 days with an interest of Sh55,000. The transaction happened in February 2012.

“Failure to complete the contractual obligation by 28/02/2012, (the debt) incurs an additional penalty of 7.5 percent in the above-mentioned interest for every four days exceeded from the disclaimer date,” read a part of the agreement Kibe signed with Weru.

Repay the loan

In June 2018, Weru went to court and sued Kibe. The court calculated the accrued interest over the seven years, and settled on Sh2.5 million as the money Kibe should pay Weru.

Weru also asked the court to order that Kibe repays the loan with interest that is also subject to court rates. He further demanded that Kibe pay the cost of the lawsuit and other ‘relief’ that the court will deem fit.

A letter from Musyoki Mogaka & Co. Advocates showed that the notice of entry of judgment was on June 28 last year meaning the money owed may be more than the Sh.2.5million that was indicated in the suit filed last year.

In a cheeky post on Instagram,  Kibe broke his silence after he was arrested on Wednesday and arraigned in court for defaulting on a loan he borrowed from a friend seven years ago.

Kuwa na deni si kitu

Kibe blasts his friend, Joshua Weru, for not being patient with him and even worse embarrassing him at his place of work by showing up with police officers and having him arrested.

“Nilikuwa nimeshikwa I’m free now. You know kuwa na deni si kitu kubwa lakini sasa unacome kunishika kwa station, hiyo ni ungwana kweli,” Kibe wrote.

“Let me tell you how petty some people can be, even before we have seen the judge the whole story is already out. Anyway with that being said, I pray that you treat your friends with leniency because ile mbio nimepelekwa my friend by somebody who I thought was my friend, nimeonyeshwa maneno. Hata kama mtu ako na deni yako isiwe ni kukufa, be easy…” he went on.

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