Collo opens up about porn and masturbation addiction in dark past


Bazokizo rapper Collo has revisited his dark past that included an addiction to pornography and masturbation.

Collo, real name Collins Majale, quit secular music and got saved and has been preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The former Kleptomaniax revealed that by the time he was quitting his job as a copywriter at Scanad, he was on the brink of severe depression and was struggling with alcoholism.

“By the time I was leaving the agency, I was in a very dark place. I was depressed and I was an alcoholic. I was also a chain smoker and my sexual deviance was crazy. There was a lot of debauchery going on in my life at that time, which of course I can’t say that I am proud of but I am thanking God for the process and the grace that he enabled me.”

On top of all that, Collo was also addicted to porn and masturbation. Living for the flesh. That was my one great mistake. I regret that I was addicted to pornography and masturbation. I tell men that every time you masturbate, you are giving birth to spiritual babies and it blocks you from having babies when it is the right time,” he told Sunday Magazine.

He was also abusing drugs and alcohol. “I was taking these in copious amounts. These are things that people don’t want to talk about, yet everyone including the A-list artistes is struggling with them. But they are bondages that you have to address with young men today.”

Collo is currently married to Phoebe and they have a nine-year-old daughter together. He is also a music student at Kabarak University and also wants to mentor young artists.

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