Bongo’s Rosa Ree in trouble with Magufuli govt over Timmy Tdat’s video


Rosa Ree

Bongo Flava rapper Rosa Ree has found herself on the wrong side of Tanzania Film Board over Timmy Tdat’s Vitamin U music video.

The Kenyan-raised rapper also known as Rosary Robert claimed that she featured in the music video without knowing that she was violating Tanzania’s laws on nudity and decency in entertainment. She pleaded with the board for leniency and admitted that she crossed the red line.

Goodwill ambassador

“Alikiri kwamba ni kosa amefanya, lakini alisema kwamba hakujua kwamba ni kosa ama alipaswa kutuma video kwanza,” acting executive secretary of Tanzania Film Board, Dr. Kiagho Kilonzo, told Bongo 5.

“Tulimuelimisha kwanza kiutaratibu kwamba video yeyote inapaswa kupitia kwenye hii bodi… Kwa hivyo akakiri kwamba ameelewa utaratibu huo ambao alikua haujui.”


The Champion hitmaker has agreed to tobe a goodwill ambassador for Tanzania Film Board as a way of showing her remorse.

“Alikubali kwamba atakuwa balozi na kwanza ataomba msamaha watanzania waliohisi amewakosea na akuwe balozi wa kuwaambia wengine namna ya kucomply na sharia zetu na pia kuwaelimisha wengine ambao hawajui,” he continued.

Relationship with Kenya

Rosa Ree posted an apology on her Instagram page claiming that she has learnt a lot from the meeting with the film board and promised that she won’t make the same mistake again.

The stunning 24-year-old rapper Rosa Ree is much more than meets the eye. Though born in Moshi, Tanzania, Rosa’s relationship with Kenya goes way back to when she schooled here from primary through high school.

At the start of her rap career, she faced many critics, some of whom included peers in the industry who had no belief that she could ace the mission of being a distinguished rapper, especially in Tanzania. These are issues that she has addressed in her songs like Champion (featuring Ruby) and One Time without mincing her words.

Domo zege

In April she was forced to clarify that she was not in a romantic relationship with Timmy Tdat. Asked if she would mind dating Timmy, Rosa Ree branded him ‘domo zege’, a popular Tanzanian phrase for a man with poor seduction skills.

“Timmy ni mwanangu ni msanii kama mimi na namkubali sana kazi zake. Hata siku ya kwanza aliposlide kwenye DM, alikua mwoga mwoga halafu yule jamaa domo zege hivi. Jamaa domo zege ndio nakuambia sisi washikaji tu,” Rosa Ree revealed.

Kenya Film and Classification Board has confirmed that the offending video and Ethic’s Tarimbo have been pulled won fromYouTube.

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