AUTOPSY: This is what killed Keroche’s Tecra Muigai


Tecra Muigai
Tecra Muigai

An independent post-mortem conducted on the body of the late Tecra Muigai at Lee Funeral Home on Tuesday agreed that the cause of death was trauma to the left side of her face, most probably as a result of a fall.

However, the representatives from her family and those of her boyfriend failed to agree on a final report.

The report had indicated that Tecra died from the trauma that resulted in a cut, a concussion and internal bleeding.

The two teams that included lawyer Senator James Orengo and businessman Peter Kuguru for the family and a lawyer for Omar Lali Omar – Tecra’s boyfriend – however, did not agree on how the fall came to be.

Tecra’s representatives insisted that she was pushed to her death, while Omar’s side said that the fall was accidental and the incarcerated lover was not responsible for her death.

Sources at the autopsy intimated to media that there were no other superficial injuries on the body and no defence wounds to point towards a struggle prior to Tecra Muigai death.

Omar Lali spent his 14th night behind bars at Lamu Police Post after he was arrested on suspicion that he had a role in the death of the business magnate’s daughter.



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