ANNE KIGUTA: This is why I will never post my kids on social media


Anne Kiguta

Television news anchor and personality Anne Kiguta in an Instagram said that she will never post her children on social media as they deserve privacy. 

The sassy newsreader has three children, one from her previous marriage and fraternal twins with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s nephew Jomo Gecaga.

Responding to a fan who asked her about her babies, Anne posted a photo of her and her twins but blocked out the faces. In her response, she explained saying they are all too young to be on the social platforms.

“Gosh, so many of you have said this… was the number one response. Well, I will have to let you down on that, my loves,” she wrote.

“I’m rather traditional (believe it or not), so I’m vehemently against it. My babies are all still too young, including the eldest, to be on social media.”

Anne Kiguta, however, regretted posting her eldest son, in a now-deleted post. “That is my son. Quite the charmer. If only I could tell you half of what they say! But all these are to me sacred moments… Really, can’t share much more.”

“Mummy already has a pretty public life. They deserve their privacy.”

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