Ali Kiba awarded by Zanzibar Govt for these acts


Ali Kiba

Bongo Flava singer Ali Kiba has been awarded a certificate of appreciation by the Zanzibari government for his contribution to the promotion of domestic tourism on the Indian Ocean island.

The crooner was given the commendation by Zanzibar’s Minister of Information, Tourism and Heritage Mahmoud Kombo last week.

Ali Kiba said he was grateful for his contribution in making tourism recognized, and that he will continue promoting tourism in Tanzania and Zanzibar.

“I am very happy to be awarded a Certificate of Local Tourism to add more leverage to promote tourism in Zanzibar and Tanzania in general, to my fellow Tanzanians and even tourists from different countries, we will continue to welcome them,” said the Tanzanian singer.

“I further urge our governments of the United Republic of Tanzania and  Zanzibar to continue to appreciate the contribution of the various Tanzanian artists and to use us in promoting the various sectors of our country.”

Tourism in Zanzibar includes the tourism industry and its effects on the islands of Unguja (known internationally as Zanzibar) and Pemba in the United Republic of Tanzania. Tourism is the top income generator for the islands, outpacing even the lucrative agricultural export industry. The government plays a major role in promoting the industry, with the official government tourist page stating, “The Vision of the Government of Zanzibar regarding tourism is “To become one of the top tourism destinations of the Indian Ocean, offering an upmarket, high-quality product across the board within the coming 17 years.”

The Zanzibar Commission for Tourism recorded more than doubling the number of tourists from the 2015/2016 fiscal year and the following year, from 162,242 to 376,000. The main airport on the island is Zanzibar International Airport, though many tourists fly into Dar es Salaam and take a ferry to the island.

The principal grouping of attractions on Zanzibar is: coastal tourism, terrestrial wildlife, dhow cruising and spice tours.

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